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     Leading is a central part of the teacher's role, which involves working with students to achieve educational goals. To a large extent, a teacher's leadership ability - that is, his or her ability to motivate, influence, direct and communicate with students - will determine the teacher's effectiveness. The Unpolished Apple deals with how the teacher, without formal training, can improve their techniques so that their performance and satisfaction will be increased. Teachers cannot lead unless students are motivated to follow them.

     The instructor who demonstrates competence in the classroom is the builder of bridges between expanding and changing subject matter on one side and a wide range of personalities of people who must learn new theories, new attitudes and new skills. An instructor is successful only to the extent that he enables the students to learn what they need to know at the right time, rapidly and well. The measure of his success is the learning, which results from his instruction.



When it comes to an inexpensive way to meet self-improvement standards, The Unpolished Apple and Instructor Competence: From Good to Great can help you "take a bite" out of your budget!

 Sure...there's a variety of programs to utilize for instructor improvement and you can spend many, many dollars in acquiring them. But, these two manuals are inexpensive and easy to download.


The Unpolished Apple

"A Resource Manual for Instructors"


Instructor Competence:

From Good to Great!


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